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The Greener Side

Providing fully licensed recycling services to organisations and individuals

Compliance for all producers of waste, can expose a minefield of confusion and plenty of what if's. It doesn't matter that the majority of schemes out there, claim they are compliant. Many of these schemes have been fined, and heftily, for being in breach with the waste regulations.

It is now your responsibility to make sure that you comply.

Have you got the paperwork to support your waste? How do you know if the paperwork is correct?

When a recycling company claims they recycle their waste, how do you know it doesn't end up in a container overseas?

ECS The Greener Side guarantees you and your customer's full compliance.

ECS The Greener Side can provide you with the tools, resources and administrative procedures to be 100% compliant. What's more, we'll take care of the whole process for you. So you never have to worry again about how your waste is dealt with.

We will:

  • Provide you with a recycling box for the deposit of your waste printer cartridges, including all packaging and a direct hotline number.
  • Collect your toner cartridges using our authorised waste carrier, direct from you or your customer premises.
  • Complete your hazardous waste consignment note and other relevant paperwork for audit purposes.
  • Transfer your waste consumables to our ISO 9001 waste management facility.
  • Separate, treat and identify all returned waste for reuse or recycling.
  • Maintain records of all waste collections so you don't have to worry.
  • Increase your tender score by at least 30 points when you use our service.
  • Provide you with access to copies of licences, policies and evidence of green credentials to market the scheme to your customers.
  • Assume responsibility of your waste and keep you in compliance with the law.

Look at what one of our Partner's has to say:

"I confirm that I have dealt with ECS The Greener Side since 2009, during which time they have met, and in some cases exceeded [our] requirements in products & services. ECS The Greener Side policies, processes and products are an integral and fundamental part of their corporate business strategy and are designed to limit any harmful impact on the environment. Their work ethic and conformity to the waste regulations has been a major factor in [our] company success in reducing our waste to landfill, collecting all our empty toner cartridges through their nationwide service, thus helping us to achieve our Environmental ISO 14001 certification and to become one of the 1st (Photocopier) Dealerships in the UK to accomplish this. I can confidently recommend ECS The Greener Side as a solid and reliable supplier / recycler, and experts in their field."

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Don't just stop there...

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Atom® is an independent, market leading piece of software, developed by our own industry experts, designed to work in conjunction with our collection and recycling service. Atom® can provide you with a fully comprehensive, detailed audit trail of every potential revenue stream, all within a matter of seconds.

As many of our Partner's have discovered, there could potentially be hundreds of other devices in the location where you have a device on contract. The MPS system will not pick up these devices but with our solution, you can acquire the knowledge you need to increase your sales.

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